The warmer season is approaching here in the southern hemisphere, and I’m excited to start wearing dresses again.

If you follow me on social media you’ll know that I’m currently working on my capsule wardrobe, and ironically enough aren’t many dresses in the first collection I’ve put together. Granted, it’s only 6 pieces. I’ll be sharing more about that in a future blog post, but for now, my point is that I love dresses, and creating this capsule wardrobe is challenging me to be more open to exploring other facets of this amazing sewing craft.

I filmed a behind the seams vlog of the making of the Sia dress!

I’ve been wanting to do a behind the seams vlog style series on my Youtube channel for years now, and I finally decided that the only way to get it going is to just start, so here we are!

I’ve been feeling really down.

This whole lockdown situation has got me feeling quite down lately. While I’m enjoying working from home and being able to enjoy my own space all day every day and not having to be around people, it’s gotten to a point where I realized I don’t have the self-love I thought I had.

My new favourite secret pyjamas.

About a week ago, Helen’s Closet launched the #ArdenPants which are classic high-waisted woven joggers. I’m a fan of woven-anything, so any chance I get to make something in a woven that is as comfortable as wearing knits, I’m so there.

I only discovered the indie sewing pattern world last year.

And since then I’ve been building up my little collection of digital sewing patterns. I went a little crazy with the Black Friday pattern sales last year, and now I have so many patterns that I was forced to get more organized.

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