Happy Monday, ya’ll! Today I bring you my latest creation – this emerald green dress. For some reason it looks bluish in the photos, but it’s green, trust me. I made this beauty in a couple of hours one night.

I looove skirts and have always wanted to make my own tutu. When I was invited to attend the #CTCFD2014 fashion show as a VIP I knew this would be the perfect opportunity to make it, and rock it!

I love dark red.

And this oxblood colour caught my eye when I went fabric shopping a few weeks ago. I decided to make myself a sheer maxi with double side slits and I think it turned out pretty sweet!

So I made this grey shift dress.

It’s the first time I attempted to make sleeves and I think it turned out pretty sweet! Originally I had a longer hemline and I felt hideous and frumpy in it, so I shortened it.

My favourite dress in my closet right now is a skater dress I bought from Forever 21. I love the way it hugs the top part of my body and at the waist, and flares out towards the bottom. It is the perfect dress for my body type, and I wish I had a ton of them.

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