Happy Monday, ya’ll! Today I bring you my latest creation – this emerald green dress. For some reason it looks bluish in the photos, but it’s green, trust me. I made this beauty in a couple of hours one night.

I have beaten my record! I simply cannot wait to get to the point where making my own clothing is a breeze so that I can start getting on to the more complex stuff – like making a shirt – which is, by the way, on my radar. I have even bought the interfacing and fabric already. Oh sh*t I need buttons!

Chic | Scarlet Stitch
Emerald Dress – Made By Me // Peak Coat – Mix Clothing (Old) // Nude Pumps – Queue Shoes // Sunglasses – Glamour // Gold Pendant and Bangles – MRP

I really want to honour my 2015 commitment of raising my standards in every aspect of my life, and one way to do this is to create more so that I can get better at it. I want to get to a point where I am satisfied – if that is even possible for us humans, because, as you know, even when we get what we want we still want more!

I recently discovered that I am cool-toned after getting a colour analysis done by the beautiful Jill Hector – I will share my experience in a separate post. It’s really great to know for sure what colours complement my skin tone and I feel amazing in this emerald green colour! I have always been drawn to it, but never found the courage to rock it. This fashion and style business is all about risk-taking and this year I plan to experiment to my heart’s content.

I styled this dress with my camel peacoat, nude pumps and gold accessories. Although gold is a warm colour, it still suits my skin tone. I am mostly cool-toned but able to wear warm tones – which I am absolutely delighted about! I’m so glad I had a colour analysis done, because it really makes a world of difference when shopping for new clothes!

Chic | Scarlet Stitch Chic | Scarlet Stitch Chic | Scarlet Stitch Chic | Scarlet Stitch Chic | Scarlet Stitch

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