Everything that has happened in my life in the past 38 years has led me here to this very moment.

Yes, it was not all roses and fluffy clouds, not at all, but I’m grateful for it because through it all I always choose to see the bigger picture.

I’ve always been a glass half full kind of person, even in those dark moments when I’m lying on the floor curled up in a ball and having a panic attack. Sometimes you just have to let the feelings take over for a moment, but then you let it go and you move on. Because you are the only person who can take control your life. And that is the truth.

Let’s talk about this dress.

This was one of my favourite projects of 2020! I knew I wanted a maxi dress made of this dotted tulle fabric, but I had no idea what I was going to make. But then I saw the Cool Stitches Elliot Top and I knew I just had to hack it into a dress. All I did was add a circle skirt tier, and then a massive ruffle situation at the bottom of the circle skirt tier… which ended up being about 7 meters!

I finished all the raw seams and hems and channels with bias binding. Can you imagine doing this on 7 meters of seams and hems – that’s just talking about sewing 1 row of stitches. Each seam or hem took 2 rows of stitching, so you can only imagine how time consuming this project ended up being.

I started an impromptu hashtag called #PATTERNHACKTOBER, where for the month of October I was only going to tackle pattern hacks as a way of getting my creative juices flowing again. I encourage anyone to join in and share their pattern hacks, and hopefully this could become an annual thing!

Scroll further to see the beautiful photos captured by photographer, Nico Marais. We shot this at Majik Forest, one of my favourite places in the northern suburbs of Cape Town.

My Birthday Dress | Scarlet Stitch
Pattern: Cool Stitches Elliot Top (Hacked) // Size: L // Fabric: Tulle

All the events and experiences in life are like pieces of a great puzzle that one day fall into place to reveal the big picture.

My Birthday Dress | Scarlet Stitch My Birthday Dress | Scarlet Stitch My Birthday Dress | Scarlet Stitch My Birthday Dress | Scarlet Stitch My Birthday Dress | Scarlet Stitch

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