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This blog has been months in the making! I’ve been wanting to do a rebrand for a long time now. I changed all my social media handles at the very end of last year to get a head start and to get familiar with my new identity.

For those who are new to the world that is Raylene Harvey. Here’s a little history…

I’ve been blogging in secret since 2003. My first blog that I shared publicly was an inspirational community blog called “Hapicup” (pronounced happy cup) at hapicup.com where I had many guest writers sharing their stories, tips and hacks for a more fulfilling life. My second one was a lifestyle blog that eventually turned into a sewing blog at raylene.co.za where I shared my me-mades, trials and tribulations.

My third blog was a fashion blog, “Scarlet Aura” at scarletaura.com, where I shared my fashion journey and interviewed designers and creatives in South Africa. I also shared my me-mades and often wore styled ensembles to media events, fashion week, etc and met so many amazing influencers. I was a brand ambassador for LABEL Collections, a brand by a local fashion designer Nadia Turton and got to share all my styled looks with my audience. This is also when I launched my Youtube channel where I posted vlogs about my fashion ventures as well as fashion and style-related DIYs. I thoroughly enjoyed creating these tutorials and it did so well! My channel got over 2 million views and I made the top 100 list of Youtube channels in South Africa in 2017, which is pretty insane for me.

Season of the stitch | Scarlet Stitch
It me!

It’s no secret that I’m a multi-passionate creative. I’ve dabbled my way across a spectrum of creative disciplines – including web development, video production, video editing, photography, design, directing, writing, sewing, drawing, presenting, coaching, singing, acting and songwriting. I have an official biography, if you’re interested in learning more about this side of me.

My fourth venture was a website called ZA Lookbook where I shared outfit posts of local fashion bloggers in South Africa. I connected with so many amazing bloggers through this venture. My fifth blog was all about my minimalism journey and I blogged about it at journeytominimalism.com. My sixth blog was my namesake at rayleneharvey.com where I shared my creative journey which is now going to become a portfolio of sorts.

This brings me to lucky number seven, Scarlet Stitch. By now you’re probably wondering, why Scarlet Stitch? Scarlet Stitch is a play on my favourite Marvel character and Avenger, Scarlet Witch. I love how she uses her hands to warp reality, and in my mind, basically creating magic with her hands. Which is exactly what this brand stands for.

Scarlet Stitch is my online space to share my behind the seams sewing journey, to connect with fellow makers, movers and shakers in the sewing world, and most of all – to inspire others to sew.

If you’re new here, welcome! Feel free to read how my sewing journey began on my About page. I hope to connect with you on this sewing journey.

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Yours truly, Raylene xoxo | Scarlet Stitch


    • Raylene Harvey Reply

      Thanks so much, Angel! It’s been a while since I’ve written and shared a blog post and I’ve missed it so much. Hope you’re well xx

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