…this is what I wanna be.

Remember this song by KT Tunstall? I couldn’t resist, hehe. I can be quite punny when I feel like it!

Jokes aside, this is my first Megan Nielsen #SudleyDress and I’m in love with it. It was such a quick and easy make. I only had about 2 meters of this gorgeous animal print rayon poplin fabric in this cement tone which is not enough for the version I intended to make, but figured I would play some pattern tetris to get myself a Sudley dress out of it.

Sudley Dress | Scarlet Stitch
Pattern: Megan Nielsen Sudley Dress // Version: 3 // Size: Medium (M) // Fabric: Rayon Poplin from Lowry Fabrics // Custom Croquis: My Body Model

A little pattern tetris goes a long way!

Due to not having enough fabric, I had to make some compromises. For one, I left out the collar and two, I had to separate my back bodice into two pieces – which is a bummer because this dress is meant to be reversible, so because of the seam down the middle of my back bodice I can only wear it with the ties in the front. Not to worry, I still think it turned out pretty sweet.

This is such a great pattern to have in your stash because the design comes with a ton of variations, which means you get to change up your look and nobody will know it is the same pattern.

For example, you have the option of the collar with the ties and keyhole, or reversed with just the collar and the ties in the back, you have various sleeve options – with and without the cuff detail – you can do the blouse version, a cropped top version – with and without the collar – you could wear the keyhole neckline open for a cheeky look, you could make the collar detail in a different colour to the dress itself… the possibilities are truly endless, especially when you consider all the hacks you could do, like adding an extra tier for a gorgeous maxi length, or doing bell sleeves, or even experimenting with different fabrics – sheer, lightweight and drapey to sturdier ones like linen! Just talking about all these options is making me feel super inspired.

Sudley Dress | Scarlet Stitch

I did some extremely rough sketches on my drawing tablet to give you an idea of the design options you could play around with.

This is one of those patterns you need to own, because of it’s versatility. Megan Nielsen has done such a good job designing this pattern because it’s absolutely genius!

Sudley Dress | Scarlet Stitch Sudley Dress | Scarlet Stitch Sudley Dress | Scarlet Stitch Sudley Dress | Scarlet Stitch Sudley Dress | Scarlet Stitch Sudley Dress | Scarlet Stitch Sudley Dress | Scarlet Stitch

I initially cut a size medium, but upon further inspection, I realized I should have gone with a small. You can see the shoulder line is not falling on the correct place here and since the dress is quite a relaxed fit with a lot of ease in the bodice area, I figured I could get away with the smaller size for my next Sudley… which I’m going to post next week, in fact!

Sudley Dress | Scarlet Stitch Sudley Dress | Scarlet Stitch Sudley Dress | Scarlet Stitch

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    I don’t know where I’ve been but I found my way through the interwebs and landed upon this glorious blog and this stunning post! I’m living for this print and it, is, everything!!! Loving the bangs! Looking forward to tons more fashion posts xo

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